Therapeutic massage releases deep muscle

Today's fast pace of life entails stress. Stress itself is not necessarily a negative, but on the contrary, in many cases, the motivation and positive. However, if you do not understand and do not control its rate, we may find themselves in a spiral and it's not just the level of consciousness but also on the physical level.

When we add movement and a preponderance of the inadequacy of a sedentary lifestyle, one load in the form of popular sports, suddenly you realize that for us is no longer easy to get forward, get out of bed in the morning without pain in my back, run local sports without subsequent pain in the locomotor apparatus and sometimes we feel tired even before we go into performance.

"The causes of pain can be long and it is up to you whether you want to reveal her source. IF you have decided to take responsibility in their hands, I am here to guide you as a therapist, who will be happy to help with the pain and let go," Martin says Small, who also acts in the Top Esthetic in Prague, 62nd Hradešínská

Therapeutic massage is for people who care about their health, they depend on their performance, whether work, sports or cars and are willing to make changes to your current lifestyle. I will teach you how to relieve pain through regular exercise SM (spiral mobilization), muscle stretching and going with a massage, which suggest for you.

Therapeutic massage focuses on deep muscle relaxation, which are overloaded or short-sided involvement. Stronger pressure and discomfort replace detente and lasting release. Eliminates chronic muscle pain, tendons and joints then. Specific targeting to reach the origin of pain and restoration of nutritional blood supply to muscles, so necessary for good posture and exercise pain-free movement. In particular, it is the muscles of the legs, back and neck.

The conclusion is devoted to massage the hair, the release of nerve endings in the head.
Very pleasant and relaxing your view point and fresh whole-body excited energy.

As with any massage, it is important to drink a (pure, still water), used to wash away harmful substances from the body, which is relaxed during the massage.



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