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A relaxing massage makes the energy flow...


Today's hectic lifestyle can be very stressful. But stress itself does not have to be negative – sometimes it can be motivating and positive. But if we don't understand and cannot control it, we can get in a muddle both mentally and physically. When you add movement to an otherwise sedentary lifestyle, perhaps in the form of popular sports, suddenly you realize that it's no longer simple getting on with things – getting out of bed in the morning without back pains, or running local races without subsequent muscle pain. Sometimes we feel tired even before we get started!

"The causes of pain can be complex and it is up to you whether you want to reveal its source. If you decide to confront the pain, I am here to guide you as a therapist, and I will be happy to help you release the pain," says Martina Malá, who also acts in the Top Esthetic in Prague, 62nd Hradešínská.

Therapeutic massage is for people who care about their health and depend on their performance – be it work, sports or driving – and are willing to make changes to their current lifestyle. I will teach you how to relieve pain through regular SM (spiral mobilization) exercise, muscle stretching and massage – whichever is best for you.

Therapeutic massage focuses on relaxing deep muscles which are overloaded. Stronger pressure and discomfort are replaced by lasting ease. Chronic muscle, tendons and joints pain are all released. Specific targeting reaches the origin of pain and restores blood supply to muscles, which is necessary for good posture, exercise and pain-free movement. In particular, it targets the muscles of the legs, back and neck.

Finally the hair is massaged, releasing nerve endings in the head. This is very pleasant, relaxing and fresh leaving your whole body tingling with energy.

As with any massage, it is important to drink lots of water to wash away waste products while the body is relaxed.


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