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We are going to help you chose the right surgeon.

We realise that in beauty is power, we speak about a healthy lifestyle and beauty is not associated with excessive fat.

If you are not happy with your look or your body, are beginning to feel the first signs of illness from excessive fat, or just want to try something new, then you are on the right site. We will help you start your perfect transformation which will make you richer in happiness. You are going to look younger, more beautiful, more energetic and full of vitality, and it might also help you meet new or old love.

Esthetics VIP will arrange a fast-track to beauty for all women and men who wish to be attractive, be it a person suffering from obesity or unhappy with their body which they may not find attractive enough. We help you find the best solutions, get slim without risks and rework your body to fit your dreams. From our own experiences, we know that not everyone can easily navigate the many plastic surgery clinics, and find the best specialist for your chosen treatment. That is what VIP Esthetics Prague is here for. We are ready to organize fast services in the chosen clinic with many specialised surgeons with whom we cooperate, for men and women, Czech and foreign clients.

 What we offer:

-Choosing the best and most suitable surgeon for the requested treatment. Eyelid surgery. Liposuction of excessive fat from any part of the body with the BodyJet device. Uninvasive or minimally invasive breast enlargement with implants or grafting of your own fat, breast reduction and much more. We have many years of experience checking the results of individual clinics and surgeons. Remember, the most important thing is choosing the right surgeon and ensuring that the services of the clinic are perfect.

-The most modern treatments of plastic and esthetics surgery. We work with an international team of surgeons who are also involved in development of the most effective devices and methods in the field of plastic surgery in USA, Great Britain and Germany.

-We will organize a meeting for you with the physician either personally, by phone or electronically when we receive your photo and request for treatment.

-Exceptional care before, during and after the surgery in your chosen health facility with a friendly atmosphere and staff who understand your expectations and respect your need for privacy.

-Hotel accommodation and travel to the clinics.

-Choice of payment in installments.

-Consultations, healthy lifestyle and post-surgery care for a younger-looking self.

Other services.

Great prices from EU1100 for one liposuction, and breast enlargement (with your own body fat) from EU3000.

Discount for the next treatment by the same clinic.

Discount for married couples that undergo surgery on the same day.

Discount for two or three friends that undergo surgery on the same day. 

Free yourself from barriers and relax into our care. 

Don't forget to contact us, we are always here for you and are on your side.

We speak English, German, Russian, Arabic and Italian.



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Private clinic of plastic and aesthetic surgery, specializing in liposuction and fattransfer Points by Jet and eyelid correction
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