Micromassage of eye surroundings - not only for women

Beautiful eyes are the center of attention of every face. You can see how much we take care of our eyes at the very first sight, and it is said that „Eye  is window to the soul“.Eyes represent our overall physical and mental condition. Of course they play a part of one of the five senses, and that is an ability to see well. The eyes are being strained  and get rest only during sleep and relaxation. That is why it is advisable to give eyes some relaxation even in awakened state - in the form of  micromassage of eye surroundings. That is beneficial not only to eyes but also to the skin around them, and whole face.

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and sensitive  part of a person's face, and can be easily affected  by age, outside impacts and exhaustion. Just notice how many hours you spend looking on a monitor, watching TV or reading books and magazines.

 What are the main advantages of micromassage?

It delays aging process, and also smooths away small wrinkles around the eyes .With application of special cosmetics, it also helps prevent bags under eyes and dark circles, and helps to clear sinuses. It also lowers blood pressure, helps tired eyes and, last but not the least, it is beneficial also to your eyesight, if applied regularly. After a gentle eye massage you might feel a small burning sensation; that is a result of the cleansing. But it immediately turns into relief and sends you into a content state.

Come to indulge yourself in a gentle care of  your face's biggest treasure. You are going to shine!




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