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Handmade lymphatic cleansing massage

We have read so much in technology papers in recent years about body detox, body cleansing and holistic therapies for attaining harmony of the body and soul.

One of many cleansing methods is a lymphatic hand-massage offering long-term solutions for ongoing problems, be it flu, period pains, neuralgic pains, headaches, heavy legs or general tiredness. A lymphatic massage is not only the cure for these afflictions but it also improves your appearance. If you decide upon lymphatic massage treatment, get ready for smooth, bright and taught skin.

What is Lymph?

 Lymph is a bodily fluid that contains the waste products of metabolism, cells, proteins, fats and inorganic substances, as well as vitamins (A, B, C complex, E, D and K).

What is lymphatic system for?

As already explained, lymph transports helpful substances in the body, helps the immune system and removes excess liquid from the body.

Who is a manual Lymph massage intended for?

Well, for anyone who is not suffering from an oncological illness. Urgent bacterial sickness, serious kidney malfunction and glaucoma interfere in the treatment unless they are medically compensated for – be it a person who sits to work and does not have enough exercise, or  an active sportsman who needs muscle relief, or a person who has decided to take a overall detoxification and body rejuvenation. 

What problems might appear if the lymphatic system does not work properly?

  • Headaches, neuralgic pain, tiredness
  • Weakening of the immune system
  • Arm, leg, face and neck swelling
  • Cellulite,acne

How does a lymphatic massage proceed?

It is important to follow certain rules and know certain techniques. Massage is done by soft pressure (so it cannot hurt) in the direction of lymph flow and in an exact regular rhythm. It helps the correct flow of lymph. The client is familiarised with how to breathe correctly into the chest and stomach, which helps with the massage of the deep lymphatic system. With simple exercises that the client has to adhere to after the treatment, the client himself/herself helps the lymph flow. It is also vital to monitor your drinking and drink enough water.


What's the point of hand lymph massage?

It helps the flow of lymph. During the lymphatic massage the toxins drift out of the body and the excessive liquid is gently lead away from under the skin, enhancing the immune system and the organ stamina.

What are the differences between manual lymphatic massage and technical lymphodermage?

Manual lymph massage is mainly touch therapy and therapy is still in close contact with the client. The important part is basic treatment of the neck when the lymph system is activated in the supraclavicular area. As a result, the lymph from the extremities is returned to the blood vessels and toxins are rinsed out of the body.

As opposed to lymphodermage, the manual lymph massage focuses on select areas of the body; it is “tailored for each client”. The most used equipment for lymphodermages are vacuum trousers, which create soft pressure waves and stimulate the lymph. It only works for the arms and legs. The most common imperfection of the device is the lack of base treatment and as a result the reduction of swelling. Also the the cleaning and detoxification is not complete and the client not satisfied with the results.



The lymph system does not have its own circulation and is dependent on muscle contraction, deep breathing, exercise and manual therapy.

Massaging requires gentle pressure and special touches that activate the lymph and carry it to the lymph nodules.

This is where the white blood cells get involved in filtration of toxins and substances that are beneficial for the body.

Next the activity of the immune system is increased, which helps with the metabolism and the removal of the toxins from the body.

It is also advised after liposuction, because it eliminates swelling and possible skin irritation

Just like after any other massage, it is important to keep up the drinking regime, so the toxins wash away from the body.

During the therapy, the client is also advised about a healthy regime to keep up during the therapy. 

We first do consultation with the client before the treatment, as to work with the individual needs of the client.


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