Liposuction is a surgical technique for contouring the body by removing localized deposits of excess fat. It was originally used to treat the hips and thighs, areas that are particularly resistant to diet and exercise. As the technique developed it was applied to many other areas of the body. Today it is commonly used to treat the neck, breasts, abdomen, back, arms, flanks, hips, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles. It is effective for both men and women. It is not intended as a method to achieve generalized weight reduction however.

Fat removal by liposuction is permanent because the body does not manufacture new fat cells after puberty. Adults become thinner or fatter by altering the amount of fat in each cell. It is still possible to gain weight after liposuction. In this case the fat is more evenly distributed throughout the body rather than selectively to the original treatment sites.Liposuction improves body contour but not skin quality. Cellulite is a poorly understood superficial dimpling of the skin that is frequently seen in the thighs and buttocks. It tends to increase with age. Unfortunately, cellulite is not improved by liposuction.

Loose skin is characterized by poor elasticity. It is resistant to improvement except by extensive surgical excision that typically leaves long and often wide scars. Although liposuction can improve the overall silhouette of the body even in the presence of loose skin, it will not improve skin quality. There is even the potential that it may make it somewhat worse in the case of very loose skin.

Results following liposuction are also influenced by age, weight, and body build. Those who are significantly overweight will not achieve as good a result as those who are close to their ideal weight. Liposuction will have less overall impact in the presence of wide pelvic bones or short thighs. In the case of the abdomen, liposuction will not adequately flatten the contour if the problem is due more to loose skin and muscles.

One of the attractive features of liposuction is that very small incisions are needed for each area treated and frequently can be concealed in natural body creases. Although the scars are permanent, they are usually quite inconspicuous

There are several types of liposuction which share many similarities: the tumescent technique, ultrasound assisted liposuction, power assisted liposuction and laser assisted liposuction. We prefer water - jet  liposuction (body - jet liposuction) . The possibility of using water and its nature in slimming and body modeling allows  for the conversion of water in laminar flow, which causes separation of body fat without affecting such important and sensitive structures as nerves or blood vessels. This discovery became the basis for the creation of a revolutionary method of selective removal of adipose tissue defined as  water – jet liposuction. Liposuction is almost always performed as an outpatient surgery and  is usually performed in local anesthesia.

See more information about Body-jet liposuction.

 A support garment is placed at the time of surgery and is worn for 2-3 weeks. It can be removed for bathing. The small sutures placed at each incision site during surgery dissolve and do not require removal.

After surgery there is soreness in the treated areas that lasts for about 48 hours. Few patients require any pain medication beyond this time. Walking is encouraged beginning the day after surgery. Generalized stiffness lasts for as long as one week. Return to work is usually possible after one week. Vigorous exercise involving the treated areas should generally be avoided for three weeks.

Bruising usually lasts for two weeks although complete resolution can take a month. Occasionally there may be a particular area that takes longer. Reduced sensation in the treated areas is typical and generally lasts for a few months. Bleeding, infection, and other problems are possible but very uncommon following liposuction. Serious complications are extremely rare with this type of surgery.

While every effort is made to achieve a smooth shape throughout, contour irregularities are sometimes seen after all of the swelling has resolved. Most defects are subtle and do not require additional treatment.

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