Offer of treatments and surgeries for men and women.

The topic of surgery and esthetic treatments is not taboo any more. A wide array of options is available for both men and women – we find articles about them in magazines, on internet pages, even in clinic adverts. But are these realistic options? And how can you get to know the ropes? Our agency V.I.P. Esthetics will advise as to the right expert for whatever your plastic and cosmetic surgery treatment needs. We will gladly recommend the best specialists when you consider liposuction or breast augmentation. We know where to find the most up-to-date procedures for upper or lower eyelid operations, lip enlargement, smoothing wrinkles, brightening up your complexion.

 Confidentiality and cooperation with many clinics

We have experience in the Czech Republic as well as with other plastic surgery clinics abroad. We work with the best physicians in the field from many clinics. We can quickly arrange either online or personal consultations with them, where you can discuss potential treatments.Through our consultants you will get all the necessary information about procedures and treatments and we will accompany you to your chosen clinic and wait with you. We also take care of your transportation and accommodation needs in Prague. All that in absolute discretion! So no one has to know how you managed in such a short time to get a beautiful bust, a slim figure and brightened up your look – in short became more beautiful and younger-looking.

 World trend – surgeries under local anaesthetic.

Our offers of surgery that we can arrange for you are mostly one-day plastic or esthetic surgery treatments. It is common in foreign clinics that the operations involve minimal invasion and are done under local anaesthetic. Some Czech clinics are also starting minimally invasive treatments. In just one day, you can get rid of a long-term problem and regain your confidence. Most procedures do not require any special post-surgery treatment – you wouldn't even need sick leave. Together with the most modern equipment and internationally-trained surgeons, you will get the desired esthetic transformation without fear of pain.


Consultation: you ask, we answer!

Text or call us on our fast-track link to beauty: +420 602 602 440. The answers to your questions can be found at our advisory centre. On every page you can find our questionnaire where you can ask  your questions concerning plastic surgery and esthetic treatments, but also other areas of lifestyle and beauty. We cooperate not only with plastic surgeons but also physicians in other fields. We are in contact with popular health and diet experts, workout coaches, lymphatic and therapeutic massage professionals, beauticians, make-up artists, psychologists, fashion designers, great hairdressers and artistic photographers. We know that esthetic treatment is only the first step in holistic transformation and we can help you with the follow-up steps.

 News and stories from Czech and international clinics.

On these pages you will find news from our plastic and esthetic surgery clinics and those abroad. We know that the knowledge gained from scientific research can be quickly transformed into medical practice. We want to be healthy, in a good condition, live a quality life and stay young. And we have our ideas about our ideal body, esthetic face adjustments that would stop time for  a couple of decades. And all the time there are new medical breakthroughs, be it a new device or tool or method of temporary or permanent changes. We keep you informed in our News section.We will be happy to read your observations, experiences, stories from your surgeries, advice or warnings. We will gladly interpret your experiences and share them with other clients of all kinds of ages and situation.


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